This is Vibratec


Vibratec Akustikprodukter is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of noise and vibration solutions. Vibratec´s ambition is to become the preferred choice for customers who need solutions to noise, vibration and shock problems. Vibratec produce and store many products for damping / isolation of vibration, shock and noise over a wide range of applications:

  • Mounts and Isolators for all types of machines, pipes and sensitive equipment
  • Mufflers, catalytic converters and soot filters for diesel exhaust
  • Soundproofing materials for building and construction sector, such as cinema halls, studios and buildings
  • Solutions for insulation of railways

Vibratec Akustikprodukter is active in shipbuilding and offshore industry, construction, rail and track, emergency power and defense. The wide range of products ensures that everything from small engines, gas turbines, bridges, railways and complete buildings can be vibration isolated. Vibratec offers its customers complete solutions and implementation.

The Vibratec Group comprises of four companies. We are active within all business areas in all four companies.

Vibratec Organisation